Automated Payouts

Transform your customer experience with instant payouts.

Send money fast and conveniently using automated payouts instead of making the time-consuming and complicated manual payments through a bank account.

Neopay enables businesses to initiate a payout fast to either a bank account or card holders across Europe.

How does it work?

Manage and initiate payouts in just a few clicks on your own system

You can manage, initiate, and review a list of all your payouts simply by installing Neopay’s automated payouts to your own system via a gateway.

Payouts work with instant payments and can be initiated from your chosen e-money account at NEO Finance AB.

Make a group of separate payouts or bulk payments with single or double payment confirmation

Choose payouts or bulk payments to confirm multiple payments with one signature or a double signature, as needed.

Bulk payments allow you to make up to 100 payments at once with single or a double payment confirmation.

Easily select recipients and choose the number of payouts you want to initiate right on your system

  • one payout or several separate payouts
  • a group of several separate payouts at one time (for example, 1000 of them)
  • bulk payments (for example, 10 x 100 payouts)

This is a convenient way to pay winnings or rewards, salaries, or other types of funds according to your business needs, sending different amounts to each individual or the same amount to a group of people.

Activation of the service

Simplify the time-consuming manual payout process by automating it with Neopay’s automated payout solution.

Automated payouts can be enabled for holders of an e-money account at NEO Finance AB only. To start using our automated payouts service, please open an e-money account first: GET STARTED.

If you are already using Neopay’s payment initiation service (PIS) and perhaps already have an e-money account at NEO Finance AB, contact us about activating the automated payouts service by simply filling out this contact form.

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