User verification service

Simplify the user verification process by automating it.

User verification is a service for user registration. It lets you verify a user by checking whether they are able to make a payment from their own account.

How does it work?

Data is checked automatically using the user verification service

Neopay's system checks automatically whether the personal code provided by a customer in their user account matches the payer’s personal code at the specified bank. If the data is confirmed, payment is allowed to continue and registration is confirmed.

This service functions via the special PCSP payment format, which is currently available with Swedbank, SEB and Luminor bank.

The user verification service is available with or without the payment initiation service (PIS).

Activation of the service

Simplify a time-consuming manual user verification process by automating it with the Neopay’s user verification service.

The user verification service can be enabled for users of Neopay’s payment initiation service (PIS) only. To start using our user verification service, please enable PIS first: GET STARTED.

If you are already using Neopay’s payment initiation service (PIS), contact us about activation of the user verification service by simply filling out the contact form and we’ll get in touch with you promptly.

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